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RadioGPT: The "world's first" radio station with artificial intelligence

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Calligrapher — neural network for generating handwritten text

T he possibilities of artificial intelligence are growing at an incredible pace, while it is becoming more and more accessible. An example of this is ChatGPT , which has become a real problem for many educational institutions whose students have successfully delegated their academic responsibilities to him. But technology does not stand still. One of the leading experts in the field of machine learning, Sean Vasquez, developed the Calligrapher, capable of generating handwritten text based on printed input. The service has nine different styles available, which allows you to use sliders to adjust the output text by speed, stroke width and legibility. Like a human hand, it outputs each letter based on the IAM On-Line Handwriting Database, which contains more than 1,700 samples of human handwriting. The service contains 13049 lines of text and can generate up to 86272 handwriting samples with a vocabulary of 11059 words. Unlike handwriting-mimicking fonts Calli

The Scribble Diffusion neural network turns your sketches into pictures

The Scribble Diffusion neural network is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) that can take simple doodles and turn them into high—quality drawings. This neural network is based on a deep learning algorithm developed by Google researchers in 2019.   The algorithm works by first analyzing a set of high-quality images to learn about different artistic styles and techniques. He then uses this knowledge to transform a simple set of doodles into a drawing corresponding to the desired style. This process is carried out using a method called "image-to-image conversion", which involves converting an input image into an output image using a neural network. How does Scribble Diffusion work?   Scribble Diffusion uses a unique approach to image-to-image translation called "diffusion". In traditional image-to-image translation, the neural network directly maps the input image to the output image. However, this can lead to loss of detail and quality of the final image. Propaga

Midjourney is a neural network that generates images based on a text description

T he  whole Internet speaks about Midjourney  the art that this neural network creates is easily confused with the works of professional artists. At the same time, the work of artificial intelligence is thousands of times cheaper, and the time to create paintings is measured in seconds. How does this diabolical machine work from the inside, who invented it and why does the world need living designers and artists if there is a Midjourney? Scientist, startup, revolutionary Midjourney is a neural network developed by the American company of the same name, which amazed users around the world with pictures (otherwise it can not be called) created on the basis of text queries. In February 2022, the project was founded by scientist and entrepreneur David Holtz, a 33—year-old graduate of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. As a student, Holtz managed to work at the Max Planck Institute, where he studied neuroimaging algorithms and developed a

Microsoft Launches Bing NEW with Built-in ChatGPT

C hatGPT and Bing are a new era of search engine s "This is a new day for search," said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. Microsoft has been trying to get you to use Bing for 13 years now, but you don't want to, so its global market share is still in the low single digits. Now the company is doing everything possible to better compete with Google. At a press conference, Microsoft announced the integration of the Open air GMT-4 model into Bing, which has long been rumored, providing a ChatGPT -like job in the search engine. The company is also launching a new version of its Edge browser with these new artificial intelligence features built into the sidebar. Bing ChatGPT includes the most up-to-date data As expected, the new Bing now has the option to start a chat on its toolbar, which then takes you to a ChatGPT-like dialog. One important point should be noted here: while the OpenAI ChatGPT bot was trained on data that only covers 2021, the Bing version is much more up-to-date


Generating images using the Midjourney neural network Our friends from the Simple Figma channel have prepared for you a simple instruction on how to use the Midjourney neural network.

Universal AI: What is ChatGPT and how to use it ?

N eural networks are, perhaps, the main hype of recent months. Mind travel and stable diffusion easily create works of art and paintings that are not inferior to those painted by hand. However, artificial intelligence is not only visual. The chatbot is able to accurately and informatively answer almost any of your questions and not only. Let's figure out how ChatPGT works and what its capabilities are. ChatGPT is a language model created by the American company OpenAI. Since 2011, the company has been conducting research in several areas using machine learning methods. For example, in 2017, the company introduced OpenAI Five, a program that was able to beat the champions of The International 2018 in Dota 2.           Team OG and the OpenAI dev team One of the company's key areas is a natural language processing algorithm called GPT. The GPT-1 version used the Books Corpus dataset for training — about 7000 unpublished books. The next version, GT-2, used even more data. In Novem